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A Note on Donation

The Rose Bowl has agreed to drop their retail license and allow Cancer for College to pull a one-day special event permit for the festival. This allows for breweries to donate product if they so choose to benefit the non-profit within ABC regulations. View the completed special event surrender form here.

General Package Info

The Pasadena Octoberfest will take place on Saturday, October 15, 2016, at the iconic Rose Bowl with a crowd of up to 5,000 coming together to celebrate fine craft breweries and awesome local food trucks and restaurants with a flare for beer-based recipes.  Approximately 50 exceptional craft breweries will be invited to attend.

Pasadena Octoberfest has partnered with Cancer for College(EIN 93-1144756), a non-profit that helps cancer survivors realize their dreams of attending college through providing college scholarships. View Cancer for College’s non-profit designation here.

Breweries have the option to a) donate two kegs; or b) donate one keg and have Pasadena Octoberfest reimburse the value of one keg (up to $175) through distributor or the brewery individually following the event. All value of donated product will benefit Cancer for College.

Brewery Participation Benefits

Pasadena Octoberfest will provide all participating breweries with:

  • Four (4) Staff Access Credentials.
  • Ice, keg/bottle tubs and tables for your booth.
  • Logo placement on website and social media support.
  • A volunteer pourer upon request (for breweries donating product).

Participation Requirements

In support of our above efforts, we ask that each participating brewery provides:

  • Arrangement for delivery from the brewery or through the brewery’s local distributor.  Beer serving equipment, i.e. jockey boxes, CO2, tap handles, bottle openers, etc.
  • A brewery representative present to pour/speak to our guests about your product throughout the festival.
  • 10’x10′ brewery-branded commercial tent with weights or stakes (if available).

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